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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tattered Angels Faux Finish Fun

Tattered Angels has some new products that work together to create a faux finish. They are fun and easy to use. Come play with me!

Here is the close up of the Burlap Canvas piece:
And this is what I did with my piece I made for you in the video!

You can find the Tattered Angel Spray Systems and the inks, dies and some of the embellishments I used here:
Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium...never pay retail price again!


Christi Conley said...

Amazing! I love this and I LOVE OWSE!

Cindi E said...

Thanks so much Christy...glad you like us both!

Susan McMenamin said...

Thank you for the inspiration and for the link to the store. I am always inspired by your techniques. You make your videos so easy
to follow.

Cindi E said...

Thank you so much, Susan! I try hard to make sure you can follow and create your own pieces with the techniques I bring to you. It is so appreciated to know I am hitting that target!