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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fun Paint Technique with a Cheryl Poulin Design

Cheryl Poulin designed this coaster set which was published in the now defunct Paintworks magazine in the August 2013 issue. I thought her process was so much fun that I want to call your attention to her design and show you the fun and easy process. If you have this issue, find it and paint her great design! If you don't I believe their website is still open and you may be able to get back issues. If not, try Ebay!


Vicki said...

very very nice and it does look like fun, Thank you

Anonymous said...

Cindi, Is this using regular laser paper or something special?

Cindi E said...

I used regular printer paper for the dragonfly, but it must be printed on a laser printer, it can't be an inkjet, or a laserjet...has to be a plain old laser printer.