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Monday, February 2, 2015

My Creative Spaces

Today, I am sharing a little bit of my home with you. I have been steadily cleaning and moving furniture and hanging paintings for 2 weeks! Check it out:

I accidently hit the record button at the end and cut off in mid-sentence...typical!

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my space!


Karen Conner said...

Lucky dog!! TWO ART ROOMS!! No doubt-your son won't be able to return! Ha! Looks great.

inge said...

Hello Cindi,

thanks for sharing your workspace or least workspaces !! :)

It's nice to see someones else's workspace and how they organize it.
What I love the most about your rooms is that you hang your projects all around so you and people who visit can ENJOY them daily !

fun to see how your cat followed you from one room to the other. They are the real masters of the house...don't they ?

greetings from belgium
servant of 7 cats...

sowmya Viji said...

Very nicely done, Cindi, I am sure you are enjoying the extra space.