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Monday, April 6, 2015


I had a good time playing today, despite video issues! Please excuse the whine, I got a program to fix that but it kept shutting my computer down!!

I had fun playing with my paints and stamps and stencil today!
One of  the photos below is the one my 8 year old granddaughter did after the videos were finished! She did a beautiful job and she told me how much fun it was  to do!

Here are my photos:
This is the one my granddaughter, Lelah made!

This one I made before the video

This one I made during the video


Four11Lady said...

I just love your work and techniques and since I am a beginner in art journaling, I think I will take "snippets" and try them in my journal. Thanks for sharing in such great detail. I absolutely love your piece. Now to research what stamps and supplies I have to try........

Laurel Stimler said...

Love the pages! Your Granddaughter is an artist! Amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Great art work, inspiring!!
Thank for being there, with love & Prayers,

Geeta Rane