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Monday, May 11, 2015

Sue Pruett's Brick Flowerpot

This is so much fun and so easy you can do it with your kids!

and the finishing...

Here are some closeup photos. the only thing I used my liner brush for was to add some hard lines under the bricks where the floating wasn't dark enough.
The Delta Ceramcoat colors are:
Georgia Clay
Hammered Iron
Lichen Grey
Red Iron Oxide
Terra Cotta
Wedgewood Blue
If you want bees, use Black and Straw

Here are the Traditions paint conversions
Black-Carbon Black
Georgia Clay-2 Vermillion +1 English Red Oxide
Hammered Iron-3 Raw Umber +2 Dark Grey #3 + 2 Medium Beige + 1 Pine Green
Ivory- 6 Warm White + 1 Yellow Deep
Lichen Grey- 1 Medium White + 1 Medium Beige + 1 Medium Grey #6
Red Iron Oxide-2 English Red Oxide +1 Burgundy
Straw-1 Diarylide Yellow + 1 Yellow Oxide + 1 Titanium White
Terra Cotta-2 Burnt Sienna + 1 Indian Yellow +1 Vermillion
Wedgewood Blue- 1 Titanium White +1 Light Grey #8 1 Sapphire Blue


Sharon Estes said...

Really liked the blog and the pots look just like brick and very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, loved d brick effect, also chek some of older posts, Thanks for everything,
With Love & Prayers,
Geeta Rane